How do you build Suspense and Plant Clues?

Top 5 tips for building suspense and planting cluesThere are two great ways to make your stories more exciting by using mystery and suspense. now with mystery, something bad has already happened suspense is in a way the opposite of mystery in suspense we’re told that something bad is going to happen.

1) Let your reader know more about what is going on, than the character in the story knows.

2) 3 different types of clues that you can use in a mystery – Physical, Verbal and Red Herrings3) In both mystery and suspense, it is a good idea to use the idea of the ‘ticking clock’ – this means we will know something terrible is going to happen.

4) Carefully plant your clues do not just drop them.

5) Always keep something up your sleeve.

Have a final twist at the end, something that pulls the rug out from under the readers’ feet.

Surprise the reader with a final twist

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