~ Our story as Scottishhills Online School ~

A hybrid school for primary and secondary students, that allow for international support to ‘climb the hill to success’: without borders.

Blended learning classes with international teachers, where students get to mix the traditional school experience with online classes.

We have seen in 2020/21, with the physical schools closing or remaining closed due to global challenges. This has made it increasingly necessary to have a creative and dynamic way of schooling and socializing with peers in a safe and organized way.

Our solution at Scottish hills to this is – to have our ‘hill climbers’ engage in class following a blended learning approach.
They will be able to chat and see each other in a virtual classroom; for those on the Hybrid platform will be benefit from online and specific sessions of traditional teaching. In addition, we will have age-specific chat rooms moderated by a qualified and experienced tutor.

This way learning is beyond the classroom!

Our teachers, learners, and parents also get to meet people learning or teaching from all over the world. Parents can also engage in the parental chat rooms to have consultations with teachers to ensure the learners get the best.

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